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Bonds and Fees


After hours and on weekends bonds can be made at the Correctional Center.

Personal Recognizance (ROR) - Your personal recognizance, if you promise to appear at all scheduled hearings, trials, or otherwise as required by the Court.

Unsecured Bond or Surety Bond - An unsecured appearance bond from you or your surety to be forfeited should you fail to appear as required by the Court. Surety’s must be a KY resident with a valid Driver’s License or KY ID, be at least 18 years of age, employed, have no pending/convicted felony charges, and cannot be the Defendant/Co-Defendant in the case.

Partially Secured Bond - Cash bail secured by cash deposit of 10% of the deposit (but no less than $5) will be retained if you are found guilty and the court determines you have performed the conditions of your release. The entire cash bond will be forfeited should you fail to appear as requested by the court.

All payments of bonds must be in cash with exact change. Bonds over $10,000.00 cash or above and Property Bonds will have to be made in the Circuit/County Clerk's office depending on case.

Weekenders - Anyone sentenced to serve weekends must pay all fees in full at time of booking. Pending on days sentenced will apply to fees.


Approved by Nelson County Fiscal Court 01-03-2023
Cost charged to Inmates Incarcerated for the below services:

County and State Inmate(s): Price Notes
Sick Call – Nurse $10 - Per Visit  
Sick Call – Doctor $20 - Per Visit  
Prescriptions (Co-Pay Formulary) $10 Per Prescription  
Prescriptions (Co-Pay Non-Formulary) 100% of Cost  
Over-The-Counter Medication $2 (per course of treatment)  
Hospital 100% of Cost  
Dentist $25  
Labs $10  
X-Rays and other testing $35  
Random Drug Testing $25  
Housing Fee $40 Dollars Per Day KRS Section 441.265
Booking Fee $40 Per Booking KRS Section 441.265
Weekenders $40 Dollars Per Day  
Work Release $35 Dollars Per Day  

No Housing or Booking Fee for State Inmates

GPS Home Incarceration Price Notes
Hookup Fee $100  
Daily Fee $20  
Drug Test (Court Ordered) $25  

Inmates that damage property of the Nelson County Correctional Center will be responsible for payment and replacement.

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